Our Team

Heirlock Magazine is conceived and executed by a small, close-knit team of Northwestern graduates currently based in Chicago. While each of us offers a unique set of expertise, perspective, and personality to the Heirlock team, we are all equally passionate about supporting rising creatives and sharing their work with the world. Learn more about what makes inspires us below, and check back later to see more of our work showcased!

Julian Kanagy

Editor In Chief, Creative Director

Julian is an Indiana-born, Chicago-transferred poet looking to set down roots and keep producing. As a reader, Julian appreciates ambitious, personal work; he started Heirlock for the opportunity to experience more poetry, fiction, and art that intrigues and inspires. In both writing and editing, Julian follows the advice of a mentor: find the poem that nobody else could have written.

Julian’s Showcase

Alice Dayton

Managing Editor

Alice Dayton is a poetry and fiction writer raised in the Midwest and currently based in Chicago. They are a recent honors graduate from Northwestern University’s creative writing program, where they concentrated in poetry. Dayton is very interested in the exploration of form and theory, an interest which is evident in the product of their work.

Alice’s Showcase (Coming Soon!)

Katherine Foley


Katherine Foley is a recent film grad and play/screenwriter who moved away from California to learn about Hollywood. She subsequently became vastly more interested in the Chicago arts scene, from theater to burlesque to Heirlock itself. While a dialogue-focused person, Kat is interested in pushing the limits of expression. Her transition from an interest in film to a passion for theater involves embracing a challenge and defying the limitations of structure. She believes that a supportive artistic community is one of the greatest things involved in Chicago, Heirlock, and her life.

Kat’s Showcase (Coming Soon!)