A Mutual Breakup, or Loss

You let your laugh linger,
putting on airs of apology
at the risk of losing faith
like the slow death of applause in
a dying theater
or the way the wright, in
the snare of false-found
waxed meaningful & lost her truth

the smiles the waning smiles
the cushions the unfamiliar air
the empty cans the cat’s-eye glare
the singe-scarred curtains in their shallow breaths
were smothering our truth
along with us
a better pillow than my chest
better breaths than our less.

and the doubts and late nights
the dreams and their promises
the distant longing for those
mountains & what we found there
all gasped as at their birth &
a tentative content
that only ended when we did
cast from a slow death & a cookie jar
the sun in my eyes fierce, reflective
okay, I said to you
the bright day of a broken secret