Dead Valedictorians Don’t Give Speeches

a slap far-saw, that
any man
can and can’t warn: a

CRACK, as war can say and
law can’t.
all that bans lack, all statal bars scraps,
all blast-brawn and arms-clad
calm: an armada-sharp warrant
stalks, tracks, wants what can’t stand tall


as a hawk saw: a blast, and—bang

half-mast.   all flags flap astray.

all cart away, a carcass that
Can’t clap back. All stats cast.

That man’s had (can
lads wax “man”?) a mad war. mad.

A mass-marksman’s rampant gat-blasts:
Manhattan as Baghdad,
Harvard flashbacks and
glass-smash Sabbath.  pray,
and bang.